Vegan Eurotrip 2016

Vegan Eurotrip 2016

It was a while since last time I traveled for longer time than just a weekend. I was missing so much that excitement and the thrilled of the unknown, of not knowing what it’s going to happen next. I was missing to be on the road, hitchhiking, wondering around. I was missing to meet random people everywhere, to get lost on the streets of a big capital or in the middle of nowhere. I was missing walking up in a different place every day. I was missing meeting local people and learn about their country, their city, their lifestyle. I was missing to meet other travelers wondering around. I was missing being free.

As you have noticed, I have a full time job from Monday to Friday, but I still get some time to travel around on the weekends, especially when Benjamin was living with me in Peru. But the time arrived, I’ve finally got HOLIDAYS!!! 

I was planning this trip since a long time ago. I asked for my holidays 8 month in advance to be sure to get 1 full month free, which I did! And almost every day I was looking at the map and trying to decide where I wanted to go. It’s always a hard decision because there’s so much to see and so little time.

I finally got an idea of where I wanted to travel considering the vegan restaurants all over Europe and some of my favorite cities. I showed it to Benjamin and he loved the idea, especially when I told him about all the amazing vegan restaurants we were going to try! FOOD is always our first priority!

The trip started on 14th October to 15th November. We did 10 countries and 15 cities. And we will tell you all about it in the next posts! Hope you enjoy the following stories!!!

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