Day #1: Perks of meeting your mother-in-law

Day #1: Perks of meeting your mother-in-law

I had already talked with her on skype a few times while Benjamin was talking with her but it was the first time I was going to meet her in real life. Most people will think I was going to be nervous, but I was mostly excited!

Her name’s Isa and she’s amazing! Such a wonderful person full of life and an amazing sense of humor! I couldn’t be happier with a mother-in-law like that! – I swear she didn’t force me to say it!

So, as you can imagine, my first stop was Paris. When I got there, I was so exhausted but excited at the same time!!! I got see Benjamin after a whole month without him! And to meet his lovely family! 🙂  My mother-in-law was so nice that she came with Benjamin to pick me up from the airport even if it was a long ride from where they live. – I will tell you more about Benjamin’s home town in the next post! 😉

When we arrived to his house I was very sleepy! But the conversation with Benjamin and his mom was great and I didn’t want to go to sleep yet.

We made a simple, but nice dinner together. – Well, it was mostly Benjamin who was cooking … He made a delicious pasta!

Before dinner was ready, I was spying on some family photos that were on the wall. So beautiful pics of Benjamin and his brothers! And Isa was telling me some embarrassing stories about him! That’s one of the perks of meeting your mother-in-law! Get to know more about your partner and… see get uncensored pass to his baby pictures!!!

So here they’re!! Hope he won’t kill me for sharing these 😛



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