If you’re on the travel or vegan industry, we will be more than happy to work with you!

Check our offers!

Freelance Writing:

We offer our service as freelance writers as long as it’s a travel or vegan related topic.


Brand ambassadors, press trips, sponsored posts, products review (100% vegan), hotels/ hostels reviews, restaurants reviews (vegan or with vegan options) and competitions/ giveaways.



Please contact us if you have any other idea you’d like to discuss. We will happy to help you out!

We are open to working with a variety of companies, of all sizes, including:

  • Tourism boards
  • Hotels/ hostels and resorts
  • Local attractions and activities
  • Restaurants/ Bars (vegan or with vegan options)
  • Vegan shops (clothes, make-up and other vegan products)
  • Tour providers
  • Cruises
  • Transportation companies such as airlines, rail, ferries, buses and car rentals



For more information, contact us to: theveganglobetrotter@gmail.com