A vegan oasis in Arequipa: El Buda Profano

A vegan oasis in Arequipa: El Buda Profano

The sushi was one of the things I thought I had escaped from when I became vegan. I never really liked it. I had tried it a couple of times before becoming vegan and I decided I wouldn’t eat it anymore. I think what I didn’t like was the fish. On the other hand, Benjamin has always enjoyed Japanese food and since he became vegan, he hadn’t had the chance to eat sushi (vegan, of course).

However, last year, I got a pleasant surprise when I heard that the first vegan restaurant in Arequipa, was a Japanese restaurant called EL Buda profano. So as soon as Benjamin came back to Arequipa to live with me, we decided to try it and give a new opportunity to sushi. Both were delighted by this amazing restaurant and is now one of our favorite places in Arequipa. We simply can’t stop going there. Totally recommended.

Whether you are vegan or not, I’m sure you’ll love El Buda profano, like we do. The ingredients are fresh, the quality of the food is excellent aswell as the presentation and the service is the best.



El Buda profano is located in the Bolivar Street, near Puente Grau. The place is small, but very cozy. The kitchen is visible so you can see how these delicious dishes are prepared. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful.



El Buda profano has a diverse menu, with delicious options to choose from. Some of the options are the Nigiris, Gunkan makis (we love the one made of tofu and the one made of mango), Hosomakis and Uramakis (“Buda” is one of our favorites). You can ask 5 pieces or 10 pieces. You also can order sushi tables that include different combinations and all of them come with miso soup and tea.

Other dishes that we love are the Gyozas (which we order all the time) and our new discovery, the tempuras. Both are so delicious. And if you’re feeling more light, you can also ask for a salad. And, finally, if you want something fresh, I recommend you the maracuya, mango and ginger juice. This combination is exquisite.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/del.buda/?fref=ts

Website: http://elbudaprofano.com/

Hours: Monday – Sunday / 1pm – 9pm

Address: Calle Bolivar 425, Cercado – Arequipa, Peru.


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