A hidden treasure: La casita de Merche

A hidden treasure: La casita de Merche

When I was told I had to move to Arequipa I was afraid. I was afraid to leave behind all those wonderful restaurants I had eaten in Lima and where I was to go very often. I was sure I would find vegan food in the “White city”, but I never imagined I would find so many options and so delicious food.

One of the first places that I went on my first trip to Arequipa as vegan was La casita de Merche. I asked in the vegans facebook group of Arequipa and received some recommendations for places to eat vegan, but all of these restaurants, the one that attracted me most was La casita de Merche. From the pictures I saw they had a very diverse delicious menu so I decided to give it a try. And I’m happy to confirm that my first choice didn’t dissapoint me.
From that moment, I have returned either alone or with someone else. I have taken my friends from work, my parents and even Benjamin has gone with me several times since we are living together. It is a place where I just can’t stop going. Even if it’s not a 100% vegan/vegetarian place, they have plenty of delicious vegan food.








La casita de Merche  offers a fairly complete daily menu. This consists of a drink, a starter, a main course and a dessert. All this for S /. 15.00. They always have new and creative dishes. The last time we went, we got as starter a “tamal” made from quinoa. It was delicious! Especially considering that I never really liked “tamal”. And the best part is that the menu is always 100% vegan. No need to worry about ingredients.

Besides the menu of the day, they also have other delicious dishes. Among my favorites are the “tequeños”, lentil and quinoa burgers and lasagna.

As I said, unfortunately, is not a 100% vegan restaurant, but their vegan / vegetarian options are easy to recognize in the menu. However, just in case, it is always good to ask if everything in the dish is vegan, as sometimes they use “Pan de yema” (Bread with egg on it), for example. If this is the case, just ask to get another bread instead.

To enjoy, even more, such exquisite food, La casita de Merche offers different fruit juices, teas, craft beer and other drinks like Chilcanos. One of my favorites beverage is the lucuma juice! I just love lucuma!

And if after all this, you still have room for more or you’re just dying to eat something sweet, don’t forget to try the different desserts they have. We are sure that you will love them!






In La casita de Merche you’ll also find delicious fries in some of your meals, but if you choose something that does not include fries, you can always order them as an extra! Don’t miss it for anything in the world.

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Web Site: https://lacasitademerche.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lacasitademerche


Tuesday – Saturday: 09am – 9pm

Sunday: 9am – 4pm.

Address: Calle Cristales 104, San Lázaro. Centro, Arequipa.


And now, they also offer a DELIVERY service! So, if you’re feeling lazy or you just can’t leave your place, then this is the best solution!


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