French cuisine can also be vegan: Ratatouille

French cuisine can also be vegan: Ratatouille

The first time that Benjamin came to visit me in Arequipa, he found a French restaurant while he was walking around the center. When he got back home, he told me and suggested to go together. But we didn’t spend many days in Arequipa so we couldn’t go.

Few weeks later, while I was walking with some friends, I saw a place called Ratatouille and I guessed it was the same that Benjamin had found. I decided to get in and ask if they had options for me. They said yes and I was delight by everything. Is not a vegan restaurant but a lot of vegans and vegetarians go there and that’s a huge proof that the French cuisine can also be vegan.

Besides the delicious food, the service is excellent. They’re always paying attention to what you need and if you enjoyed the food. Even the chef who is French, gets out from the kitchen to talk with the customers. Everyone is very thoughtful.

When Benjamin came back to Arequipa, we went together and he also loved it so much. If you want to have a little piece of the French flavor, don’t hesitate to go to Ratatouille. We’re sure you will love it too! Ratatouille has been approved by an actual French, so if you don’t trust me, at least you have to trust on him.


Ratatouille is located just a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas. You will recognize the place because of the board next to the door where you can see the menu of the day.

The place is quite big, and it even has an outdoor area if you need more room or if you want to enjoy the sun.



At lunch time (12m – 3pm), Ratatouille offers a menu just for S/. 8.00. This includes the entry, the main dish and a beverage.

As I said before, this is not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but they have delicious options for us. We have the luck that almost all the entries are vegan. Still, you should ask just to be sure. And for the main dish, you can ask for the vegan option which is nothing else than the most well known dish of the french cuisine, the “Ratatouille”and no, I’m not talking about the movie.

After 3pm, the menu is not longer served. But you can ask for the Ratatouille as a separate dish. Also, they told me like if we call in advance, they can possibly prepare other vegan dishes. So, don’t be shy and call!



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Hours: Monday – Sunday / 10am – 3pm y 6pm -10pm

Address: Puente Bolognesi 214, Cercado – Arequipa, Perú.

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