Grace Echevarría

(Vegan since May 2014)

Grace is the founder and writer of The Vegan Globetrotter project. She’s a 23 years-old hyperactive Peruvian girl and vegan, of course. Most of the time she’s full of energy, especially after a super strong vegan smoothie!

Grace has always a huge smile on her face that just breaks down when someone says a stupid anti-vegan joke. After that, the only way to make her happy again is to give her lots of delicious vegan food! Or just fries, fries always work for her.

She has very simple passions like traveling around the world, meeting random people, taking photos, walking around, eating (yes, she loves to eat! Since she’s vegan, she became crazy about food! She eats everything as long as it’s vegan) and sleeping, yes, sleeping. And in her free time she’s a plants vs zombies addict! She also loves learning new languages. She already speaks 5 languages and one of her goals in life is learning 10 languages before she turns 30! Let’s see how it goes!

 So, this is enough, I will stop talking in third person because it’s getting really weird. Uff, yes, this feels so much better. It was awkward, right? I know, sorry for that. I just wanted to try what other bloggers do, but I guess is not my thing.

Well, let’s start again! Hi! My name’s Grace and I’m vegan, nice to meet you! Oh, are you vegan too? Awesome! Do you also love to travel? I guess we’re going to be best friends now!

So now that we’re best friends, you have to subscribe and follow me on facebook. That’s what stalkers friends do! But don’t worry, is not a one person relationship, I will also do my part and help you out with anything you want. I’m not google, but if you need traveling advice or you need a vegan fellow to recommend you a vegan place, here I am for you! Don’t’ hesitate to write!

* Cities where I have been:
Germany: Stuttgart, Berling, Munich, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Cologne, Wurzburg, Darmstatd, Bad Mergentheim
Austria: Viena.
Brazl: Florianópolis, Blumenau, Sao Paulo, Paraty, Juiz de Fora, Rio de Janeiro, Ilha Grande, Sao Joao del Rei, Tiradentes, Guarapari, Buzios, Cabo Frío.
Colombia: Cartagena, Bogotá.
Slovenia: Ljubiana
Spain: Barcelona.
France: Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Strasbourg, Colmar, Annecy, Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier.
Hungary: Budapest.
Italy: Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, Trieste.
Luxemburgo: Luxemburgo
Netherlands: Amsterdam.
Peru: Lima, Arequipa, Ica, Ayacucho, Cusco Tarapoto, Puno.
Polond: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Czestochowa, Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczyrk.
Czesch Republic: Prague.
Switzerland: Geneve, Basel.
Vaticano: Vaticano city

DSC08103 DSC08102



Benjamin Briand

(Vegan since August 2015)

Now that you know Grace I guess I have to present myself too. My name is Benjamin and I was born in France in 1993  (I’ll let you do the maths); I’m the oldest of five brothers, aka. the best and only wanted child of the family. I studied computer science in an engineering school in Bordeaux (South-West of France), and I’m currently doing my internship in Peru and living with Grace. I will graduate in October after the internship.

I am forced to love cook, and I believe I’m not too bad at it. Most of the time I’m the one who feed the lovely girl you’ve just met a couple of minutes ago and she doesn’t complain about the food haha. The best recipes for me are tasty, cheap, quick, with-the-least-amount-of-dishes-to-wash, vegan of course, recipes. Broccolis are my worst nightmare and avocados are my best friends. I also like anything computer related and sometimes I like to work on small videogames. My computer died recently, and I lost the last project I was working on sniff :'(

What else is there to say? I’m gifted in so many area that it’s hard to choose one to talk about. Let’s take drawing for example. Look at this, I don’t want to brag too much, but it only took me 2 hours to make this masterpiece:


Avocado on the beach

I would never have guessed I would be vegan one day. Before meeting Grace I didn’t know any vegans or even vegetarians, and I would certainly not have expected to write in a vegan blog haha. But here I am, vegan, and writing here, so I hope both of us will have a great experience 🙂 By the way, I know Grace already told you  but you can follow the blog on facebook (I know you’re not stupid, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to hear things twice). If you follow us, I’ll give you more of my awesome drawings!


*Cities where I have been:
España: Menorca
Francia: Chartres, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux.
Italia: Venecia, Roma, Nápoles.
Perú: Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Tarapoto, Puno.
Países Bajos: Almere, Amsterdam.





Don’t trust the other pictures, this is my true form.


Grace & Benjamin

(We’re both fruit ninjas, but don’t tell anyone! Shhhh!)

We’re a couple since June 2015. We met on OKCUPID, yes, a dating website and we’re not ashamed! Creating an account there was actually the smartest thing we have done in our lives. Now we’re both living in Arequipa which is a beautiful city in the south of Peru. I was working in Lima but the company where I work, sent me to Arequipa so I’m here now and Benjamin is doing his final internship for his master degree at a wellknown university in the city.

I will tell you the brief story of how we met.


Grace was on OKC trying to look for vegan friends to share recipes, experiences and travel advise.

Benjamin was there as another way to meet people as he is not good at first impressions, or second impressions… Well, at least that was what his profile said.

Grace was vegan.

Benjamin was a carnist and a cheese lover.

Grace didn’t like that.

Benjamin decided to go vegetarian for her. He wanted to try for 3 months while he is living in Amsterdam.

Grace was very happy.

Benjamin started cooking almost vegan but sometimes he was using eggs/ milk or cheese.

Grace was sad.

Benjamin decided to stop cooking animal by products and started eating just vegan at home.

Grace was even more happy.

Benjamin wanted to watch a vegan documentary.

Grace told him to watch Earthlings as she became vegan thanks to that documentary.

Benjamin decided to go vegan after watching Earthlings.

Grace was, and still is, the happiest person on earth.