The Vegan Globetrotter is a website where you can find reviews of vegan restaurants, travel tips, anecdotes, news about activism and maybe, just maybe, a few recipes 100% vegan! (We like to cook, but what we love the most is to eat!)

This is a place for us to learn together. Not only for us to share our experiences, but also for you to share with us so this can be a valuable source of information for all vegans, especially those who love to travel!

One of my greatest passions has always been traveling. Since I made my first trip alone when he was 14 (in 2007), I could not get out of my head the desire to see new places and people from different parts of the world. But I was still underage and without much money to fulfill my dreams, so my aspirations were postponed. So, in 2012, tired of not being able to achieve what I was dreaming about, I decided that if I was not going to be able to travel at least I was going to meet people who actually traveled. I joined Couchsurfing and from that moment I knew that there would not be turning back. I met so many wonderful people that inspired me to make my dreams come true.

The following year (2013) I did a 3 month trip to Brazil as a volunteer at a school and had the opportunity to travel to different places on my days off. That same year, I went to France as and exchange student for 6 months thanks to my university. I took advantage of every free day I had availble to start a new adventure. Thanks to each travel, I have learned more and more.

The “The Vegan Globetrotter” project began in 2014, when I decided to become vegan. Since I started traveling I had the idea of having a travel blog, but I really couldn’t think of anything interesting that could stand out from the thousands of blogs that already exist. But when I turned vegan, that changed. Thanks to social networks, I began to get in contact with other vegans from around the world and I noticed with surprise that many of them were afraid to travel because they thought it would be difficult to find vegan food, especially if they didn’t speak the language of the country they wanted to go. Even, I now find it amazing that people think that it’s hard to be vegan while traveling, I have to admit that I was also unaware of the large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in my own city! So it was like that that I thought about showing people that being vegan is very easy and delicious! For us, this is a great way to help those who are just beginning to be vegans or who are traveling around the world and need some advise!

From 2014 to the present, the blog has gone through many changes and now, there’s even one more person in this wonderful project who will share with me this adventure on our way to discover new places and eat, eat and keep eating around the world!

This page has everything we love most! Traveling, eating and writing!

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Huge hugs from us!

Grace & Benjamin