3-ingredient Vegan Cheese recipe

3-ingredient Vegan Cheese recipe

For our new “Express Recipe” section, we bring you the most waited recipe of all times! Yes, you’re correct, I’m talking about VEGAN CHEESE!

A while ago, my dad told me about an ingredient that could help me to make vegan cheese (he’s a master chef and has a restaurant so he knows what he’s talking about), but I wasn’t really a fan of cheese before going vegan, so I never tried it. Recently, we found this ingredient in the supermarket! I told Benjamin about my dad’s idea and he got very excited. He’s French, so he had cheese in his blood and now he has to replace it for vegan cheese.

So we bought this amazing ingredient and Benjamin made his first vegan cheese experiment while I was working on the blog. He gave me a little bit to try and it was really yummy!!

Ok, I know you want me to shut up so I will go straight to the recipe. Enjoy!



  • 2 Potatoes
  • 4 tablespoons Olive oil
  • *Our super secret ingredient* TOCOSH flour (Just one teaspoon, don’t get too excited). For people outside of Peru, I guess you could use nutritional yeast as a substitute.




  • Boil the potato
  • Put the 3-ingredients in a blender, add some salt and blend it till it has a cheesy texture.


That’s it?

*Yes, that’s it. Nothing super complicated with lots of steps hard to follow.*

So I just mix it all and will I get cheese?


Are you kidding me?


That easy? I have to try it!

*You should!*




The nice thing about tocosh is that it gives both a cheesy taste and cheesy texture. We’ve only started to experiment with this recipe, so you can try to vary the ingredient proportions or add some other ingredients and tell us about the results.


Do you have any other cool and easy vegan cheese recipe? Share it with us!!!

And, if you try our recipe, please, tell us what you think! We will appreciate any feedback!

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